VenaPro™ Compression Sleeve

  • VenaPro™ is a self-contained, all-inclusive, DVT therapy device that is portable, tubeless, battery-operated, & will ensure patients have maximum mobility during recovery. VenaPro was specifically designed to extend the continuum of care from the facility. 

    It is single patient use and reusable. There is NO requirement for patients to return the product! VenaPro provides at-risk patients with DVT prevention sleeves that consist of an intermittent pneumatic compression device with sequential, asymmetrical,gradient, graduated, compression distal to proximal duplicating the blood flow of an ambulating patient, plus in-depth patient information on the use of the product. VenaPro provides potentially life-saving mechanical DVT prophylaxis with a continuum of DVT preventative care from surgery to discharge and continuing throughout the most critical post-operative days.


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